Steel constructions

Are You looking for a professional design company? Do you need a durable, safe and reliable steel construction? Is smooth, trouble-free cooperation with a designer who always keeps his word and meets deadlines, important for You? If so, You are in the best possible place.

JPP represents professionalism in the full sense of the word. Every project we undertake is our showcase, and over three thousand designed masts, towers and other steel constructions are our recommendations. Two decades on the market, clients portfolio covering the largest companies in the industry and flawless opinion - can You expect more?

We are looking forward to make business with You.

Design, construction, supervision

We design steel constructions, especially masts and towers for telecommunication (GSM, UMTS, HSDPA, LTE) and radio (TETRA). Regardless of the height and purpose of the building, regardless of location, terrain conditions or logistics, directly on the ground, or on top of any type of building - we will always find a solution, that will allow you to complete Your project.

We provide a comprehensive service, covering all stages of creating and maintaining steel structures such as:

  • Base Transmitter Stations
  • Radio communication towers (TETRA)
  • Antenna towers for internet providers
  • Steel structures for buildings


JPP is a dynamically developing design company continuously operating on the market since 1999. We offer a full range of design services based on proven solutions, reliable technical knowledge and years of experience. In our work, we use the latest technologies used by world-class designers and contractors. Thanks to advanced engineering software, top-class measuring and computer equipment, as well as perfectly trained personnel, each of our works is a confirmation of our reliability. Every project we undertake is fulfilled the way You will be able to fully and honestly recommend our services.