Not only masts

Steel is an universal construction material, which opens up almost unlimited possibilities. Steel structures are durable and resistant to external factors, while being flexible and versatile. They require less material than concrete constructions, thanks to which they are much lighter and can be used in difficult conditions, for example on building roofs.

A good design allows you to use the maximum of this potential. We provide such designs.



At our disposal are complete designs of perfectly quality and cost optimized steel towers. Our 40-meter towers are an ideal platform for any communication modules. They do not require braces or lashings, minimizing the space necessary for construction. Depending on the demand, the structure can be adapted to the expected load and local geophysical conditions. Each configuration offers extensive modernization options.



Our 50-meter towers are a solution for the most demanding customers. The height of the structure allows to cover a larger area and reduces the impact of most terrain obstacles on its quality. Communication modules elevated above the tops of trees and buildings enable the creation of symmetrical links even in difficult surroundings and much greater distance. A wide range of possible tower configurations and ready-to-use solutions minimize the time of investment and the risk of errors.

Base Transmitter Stations

We have already designed thousands of GSM Towers in Poland and Germany, including 1,100 T-Mobile and Orange facilities in just 1.5 year. They all combine the durability and reliability of a steel structure with excellent parameters - but it is their only common feature. Telecommunication facilities created on the basis of our projects are towers or masts, several meters high, light masts located on the roofs of skyscrapers, constructions enclosed on chimneys and many other, often very unusual, installations. Terrain, expected parameters of coverage, surrounding buildings, microclimate - we take into consideration all relevant factors and provide exact product You expect. We are up to date with all technological innovations, and design towers using the equipment and technology of all leading suppliers such as Nokia Siemens Network, Ericsson and Huawei.

Antenna towers for internet providers

In dozens of European cities, masts designed by us provide the Internet to millions of clients. Creating steel constructions for internet providers, we focus on the maximum optimization of construction costs in relation to the range and capacity of the station. We minimize area, weight and level of complexity of the installation, while maximizing the coverage range and quality. Usage of existing infrastructure, taking into account the surrounding terrain obstacles and the existing transmitters network, minimal impact on the landscape - all this, to make development of your business as easy as possible.


As one of the first polish companies, we offer design of terrestrial radio communication systems. TETRA - Terrestrial Trunked Radio - is a standard of digital radiotelephony dispatcher (trance) communication. Originally intended for public safety and rescue services, it gains growing recognition around the world as a complement or alternative to telephone communication in large production plants and logistic centers.

We design complete installations, ensuring both the coordination and uninterrupted communication of services such as emergency teams, police patrols and fire brigades, as well as facilitating the management of production and logistics of large industrial and service facilities. Our portfolio includes, among others, 140 designs of TETRA stations made for Energa, and 50 made for the police.


We create steel structure designs of various purpose, scale and form. We can design for you either advertising pylon, roof construction or building pillars. Our experience in creating masts and towers with a height of several dozen meters allows us to easily develop the optimal structure in almost any circumstances. Where wood and plastics are not durable enough and concrete light enough, steel will perfectly fulfill its role. You only need to shape it properly - we are here to show you how.