At every stage of construction and operation, we create projects that are 100% workable, reliable and cost-effective. We supervise the correctness of the execution, check the condition of the structure and diagnose potential threats. 20 years of practice and 3000 buildings constructed under our supervision. 0 failures. We will not allow Your investment to change this statistic.


We create complete design and technical documentation. Our highly experienced design team is ready and able to meet even the most ambitious visions and requirements of architects and investors. Cooperation with architects and designers from other industries constantly expand our horizons.


Complicated objects, monuments, industrial constructs, architectural objects - inaccessible places are not a problem for us. In our work we use Faro Focus 330 HDR laser scanner and drones. Millimeter accuracy point clouds, 3D models made of photos from drones using Bentley - Context Capture are the results of our work. On request, we will also develop a 2D or 3D inventory in the CAD program. We have made, among other things, 3D and 2D inventory along with the technical opinion of 150 telecommunications facilities of Emitel, belonging to the highest in Poland.


We carry out non-invasive measurements of concrete and steel structures. By using of the Swiss Progoscope detector, we are able to quickly and accurately estimate the amount of reinforcement inside the structure, without damaging it in any way, as well as perform tests on steel elements. We also conduct measurements of high-altitude objects using climbing techniques. Our mountaineer teams are able to reach even the most difficult locations.


Our engineers design constructions made of steel, reinforced concrete and wood. We provide complete static calculations and drawings with all necessary data. Executive and workshop documentation made by JPP are recognized and walued by construction, assembly and prefabricating construction companies.

We are also experienced in unconventional and complicated constructions, such as supporting structures for machines, devices and conveyors, flyovers, antenna support structures, frames and device bases.

Construction site supervision

We perform periodic reviews of facilities and provide comprehensive, multi-branch supervision of construction process for our clients. We oversee works related to all types of large objects, wastewater treatment plants, steel and reinforced concrete constructions, as well as high engineering objects.